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Description of SugarMob - Pro

Want to increase the customer satisfaction ratio? Want to stay connected to your CRM system 24 x 7? Want to modify records while on the move? All these questions have one answer: SugarMob Pro-SugarCRM for Mobile.

It is a sure shot solution in the form of Android app. The modules of SugarCRM such as Accounts, Contact, Lead, Note, Meeting, Calls and the like are loaded dynamically in the app based on backend configuration. The app provides decent theme and user friendly UI; easy to navigate and no need for any technical background. You can organize your customer data, calls and other relevant data seamlessly through your smart phone.

It can be used to add, update and delete the records from app as well as SugarCRM instance. They are synced with each other and reflect the same. Thus, SugarCRM for mobile can allow you manage your customers and other CRM activities effortlessly through mobile, given your priority and business specific needs.

<b>Key Features</b>

• Integrates all SugarCRM modules dynamically in the app based on back end configuration.

• Layout i.e. the fields to be included for Edit, Detail and List view of the modules can be configured from the back end.

• It is possible to provide role based accessibility to other users.

• Based on this selection, respective modules will be loaded when the user logs in.

• It is possible to save the modified data in offline mode. It will be synced with SugarCRM instance when connected to the internet.

• Forgot password and reset password feature.

• Modules in the app will be loaded according to the credentials and URL entered.

• The Calendar module allows you to save calls and meetings for a particular date.

• It has call and SMS functionality, given a cell phone number.

• It allows you to add, update and delete records which will be reflected in the SugarCRM instance as well.

• Both app and SugarCRM are synced automatically with each other.

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